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"Rise of the Unknowns" will end soon... but how do you want it to end?
8 deviants said Good ending (Good wins, not all evil is destroyed, possible sequel)
2 deviants said Happily ever ending (Good wins, evil is eliminated, story ends)
2 deviants said Other ending (post your ideas)
1 deviant said Bitter-sweet (phyrric victory, major losses on both sides, possible sequel)
No deviants said Cliffhanger (battle rages on, definite sequel)
No deviants said I never read the story.
Like in my last post, I do sometimes have dreams or visions that I remember. Most seem to be oriented towards my story... but this one... I wonder what to think of it.

It started in a field of bones, on a night with no moon or stars. I saw Karyana walk on crystal-white sand towards a single cross, where a man's dying body was. The man in question had been stripped of everything... except a mask. When Kary figured who it was, he told her that he had waited forever, holding the line until her return... but that everything was lost.

I saw a moment of battle, where thousands desperately struggled to hold back millions. I saw Laelynn return a bloodied gemstone to Demyan... a white castle's room filled with smears of blood... and a pair of skeletal wings.

It would have been nothing but a nightmare had it not been for two more scenes:
- A helix of crystal sand surrounding either Karyana, or a sword that rose from the sands;
- A modern-day Kary telling a person (it looked like a shrink's office): "I'm going home..."
- Karyana being asked what world, out of Medierth or the modern-day world, she truly wanted... and her answer: a smile.
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Upon a Star: Chapter 57
By: Yurix

Xelnos felt like the lowest of the low. After everything Reveen – his father – said, he couldn’t bring himself to tell him how he felt. But how could he? Just saying his name would have caused nearly everyone in the room to raise arms against him. Even though the Planar-Mage had spoken in parables, omitting every name, he knew what it all meant: the destruction of the past world, the birth of the Planars, his own birth… and that of Soner.

He dared not grasp at the truth that the Aspect of Magic – the Aspect of Creation, it felt more like – had spoken. If Soner was the Unwanted Child and suffered the division of his body, mind and soul into three… then what he had done to Karyana and her companions – even though Melothios had manipulated him – was unfair. How could he deserve redemption when his own flesh and blood had corrupted him into doing the unthinkable to so many for so long? Thousands upon thousands had died… all because he put foolish hope in love for someone so distant.

Asuna. Just thinking of her now made him suffer worse than the many truths he had heard less than an hour ago. He had seen in her some sort of hope for a better eternity, a chance for love… All of it crushed by one truth: the Planar of the Moon and Starlit Sky, the Alabaster Maiden, the one who had tempted him from his cage in the Underdeep and stood against him at the Final Plains… was his sister. Still, had Melothios’ corruption not vanished from it after the battle that nearly cost the Chosen her life, he never would have seen the glimmer of redemption. Still, he had been the host of too many wars and too much destruction. He was sick of his title and only wished for his role in the world to vanish…

Standing against the terrace rail, a butcher’s knife stolen from the kitchen, the former Planar-Demon, lost in his thoughts, looked at the horizon with a heavy heart. While he knew death of a Planar would bring the world closer to its end, he found no other possibility. He did not wish to live with all the guilt. Losing Aerona, the being he believed was his one chance at hope, was just one more weight on his shoulder. Letting himself drop against the rail, he turned out and hung his head low, a sigh as heavy as his grief escaping his lips.

“I know that look.” He heard as a pair of woman’s boots walked over to him. Given how low an angle his eyes were locking onto, he could not see much of the grey skin of the Grey Elf before him. “Either you snuck in the cellars and had too much spiced wine, or you got the fight knocked out of you.”

Xelnos closed his eyes for a moment, the hand holding the knife trailing close to his body. “You wouldn’t understand…” he said before feeling something hard strike at his hand, loosening his grip on the impromptu weapon. “Ow! What was that for?”

“You wouldn’t understand? Is that your best excuse?” the woman said as she crouched down next in front of him, giving a good view of her body… and the anger on her face. “The Planars have come down to see us, and all you can think of is dragging your sorry butt up here with a kitchen knife in hand?”

“Who cares about any of them…” the man said before feeling the woman’s hand against his face. Had she not added as much force in her slap, the sensation would have been pleasant. “Ugh… now what?”

“Look. I don’t know from which tribe you’re supposed to be, but we pay our respects to the Planars for giving us a chance when others turned us away!” Sayeth replied, her stern expression clearly visible. “You should be honoured that Reveen himself spoke to us, let alone came here in the first place!”

“You respect the Planars?” the man wondered, having trouble believing it. “What about Xelnos? Do you respect the Destroyer?”

“Do you even know the story of our kind?” the woman commented before taking a moment to sit down, her expression softening. “In the first years of the elves, everyone looked pretty much the same, save for hair and eyes. One day, some of the elves began to see themselves as more beautiful than the sun and the moon. Legends say that the Planars thought the elves were too arrogant and split them. Those who lived under the sun saw their skin darken to almost black, while those who lived under the moon had theirs turn pale as the moon. The elves begged forgiveness to the sister Planars, but when Progeny and Xelnos saw the new elves, they thought the colors were all wrong. So, the dark-skinned ones were sent to live in the night with the latter Planar, and the pale ones in the day-”

“That’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard.” The Aspect in Surrogate form groaned as he shook his head, not having the heart to smile.

“I know, right?” she said before her expression softened further, a smile appearing on her face. “Glad to see there’s an elf out there who thinks this tale is stupid… even if you’re just another lackey.”

“Lackey?” the grey-skinned man retorted as he straightened himself, “I have a name, you know!”

“Did you know that Karyana told me the very same thing when we first met?” the woman said before giving the man a friendly punch on the shoulder. “Imagine that: I made her to be some runaway slave at first. Then after some time together, I felt like she was more than just a lackey… but I had my pride. It was when I almost got killed by that maniac that I realized she was something really special.”

“Maniac?” Xelnos replied, not sure what to think. In the current world, Pison had never existed… but with Panyus’ powers waning and the Toll of Demise, it was safe to say that his guess was as good as he thought. “You mean Iron-Chain Pison?”

“You know him, too?” the woman replied, giving the Planar the feeling he said too much. “I knew I wasn’t mad! No one else thought that someone like that even existed… Say, what did you say your name was, again?”

The Aspect of Destruction tried to dodge the question, his answer coming out half-thought. “I didn’t… but then again, neither did you.”

“Well, you’re snapping together better!” the woman replied as she looked at the Surrogate. “The people of my tribe called me Scythe, but I hated that name. I changed it to Sayeth. It’s not that different, but the moment I stopped being a rogue and learned to be a knight, people started to call me ‘Emberheart’, because… well… let’s say that it’s not just because of my eyes.”

Xelnos took a moment to look at the woman’s face for a moment. While she was far from Aerona, looking at her was… far from unpleasant. She looked strong enough to smack his Surrogate form around, but it showed just enough to make her look seasoned without taking any of her charms away. Her hair was opalescent and short, but framed her visage nicely and her eyes… As much as they reminded him of the fire pits of the Underdeep, there was a more gentle light coming from them. Examining her further, he noticed that, while Prolectae had not been incredibly generous with her, she was fair in many ways.

“I… um…” the man stammered, having trouble coming up with a false name to give the woman. “Y-you can call me… ah… zuh… zel…”

“Azazel?” the woman replied, thinking of the stammering as poor pronunciation. “That explains why you weren’t fond of saying it. I heard in the old ways that it was some ‘demon of jealousy’. How about I give you a better name?”

The man almost broke into laughter at the thought before letting out a relieved sigh. “Yeah, sure… I’d rather have a better name than some yellow-eyed demon…”

Sayeth took a moment to think before making a clever smile. “How about Mithos? You’re quite the mystery… one I wouldn’t mind spending time to unravel.”

The comment left the man startled and blushing. “I… wouldn’t go that far. There’s… some things I prefer not to delve back into. You see, I’m… I’m Xelnos’ Surrogate.”

It was her turn to be startled. “W-well… th-that’s… um…”

“Pathetic, right?” the man commented as he tried to get up, only to feel her hand hold on to his shoulder.

“Actually… I’ve been a Surrogate, too.” The woman commented before sitting next to the man. “I… I guess Prolectae and Panyus took a bit of a liking in me… just for a little while…”

Xelnos cocked an eyebrow as he slowly pulled her hand away from his shoulder, finding her skin much smoother to the touch. “I guess you know how it feels then. You get to see into their souls for as long as they stay in you. Frankly, if I could have refused, I would have.”

“Well, as his Surrogate, can I ask something to him?” the woman replied before moving closer to him. “Down there, in the Underdeep… I bet he feels lonely, right? You think he’d like the company of someone with a bit of spunk?”

“Y-you…. What are you talking ab-” the man blushed even further.

Sayeth made a teasing smile as she pressed a finger against his lips before planting a quick kiss on his forehead. “You’re easy to read, Xelnos. Don’t you think I know who kept us alive while we were locked in those glass jars like picked fish? Besides, you didn’t bat that much of an eye when Reveen talked.”

“So you know who I am… but you also know what I’ve done.” The man let out with a sigh. “How do you expect me to live with thousands of deaths on my conscience?”

The man’s answer came as the woman relaxed the corset that kept her armor in place, creating plunging cleavage that forced his eyes away from hers, a faint trickle of blood from his nose.

“I can help with that…” she seductively said as she wiped the blood from his upper lip with a finger and gingerly pressed it to her lips, tasting it. “See? People think humans and Planars can’t elope, but Reveen said it himself: Planars were humans. So why not? I bet you’re as curious to try as I am…”

“I… um… I guess I never really experienced what you mortals can-“ Xelnos tried to say before Sayeth pressed her lips against his own, her body leaning against his.

“I just have one last request before we… try…” she said before reaching for her belt and pulling out a dagger, her voice shifting to sultry and seductive to serious and threatening as she pressed the tip against his neck, just enough to draw a drop of blood. “If Kary doesn’t come out of this alive, you won’t either.”

Alban took a moment to look at Kaina while she slept, Allision refreshing the mousy brunette’s towel with a moist one. “It sure makes a lot to take in…” he thought aloud.

“Don’t I know it.” Turalyon replied as he looked at Laurinya’s bed, the blonde-haired woman also lost in Oerbus’ grasp. “It saddens me to think that Vokram is still alive after doing such… horrible things.”

Though both men were still recovering, Allision’s magic had helped them to their feet quicker. The problem now was getting the two siblings ready to aid should the oncoming battle go for the worse – something that could definitely happen. While the brawny ranger grew accustomed to battle scars and having to wait before going back to battle, something that he did not mind as much, the lanky wizard felt powerless.

“You should take it easy; the next war will be far from easy.” The larger of the two men replied. “Have something to eat and-”

“I’ll fine!” the battle-mage snapped back, trying to sound brave even though he was not at full strength. “I’m more worried about her.”

Alban grabbed a handful of dried dates and handed some to Turalyon. “That’s not like you to be such a worrywart. I thought you and Laurinya were… you know…”

“That’s just it…” the wizard said as he leaned against the bed rest. “I know Laurinya is unpredictable and likes to do things on her own… but truth be told, I didn’t join your party because the Order asked me to.” Noticing Alban’s confused stare, he knew he needed to let it out. “Back when she and I were at the Academy, I was a fellow student in her class. She always was a bit bossy and liked her solitude, but people did pick on her because of her temper. While she did things on her own, I was there. She really was a brilliant girl, and… and I saw her smile before.”

“Laurinya smiling… that’s something I never thought I’d hear about…” the ranger commented, finding the idea both intriguing and scary at the same time.

“Whenever we work together, I could tell something was bothering her, so we talked.” The tall man continued. “She’d talk about how she missed her family, especially her sister, and the fields of Warmcreek. One day, after our mentors taught us how to master teleportation, we went to visit the orchard she always talked about… and that was the first time I saw her truly happy.”

“You can’t take the farmlands out of these two…” Alban commented as he looked at the mousy brunette. “Kaina also talked a lot about that place, but I don’t have a lot of fond memories of the place. Maybe a few… okay, there was that Mage’s Tournament on Reveen’s Day where some quack messed up his instant meal spell. I swear, I asked him for a spread of ox meat, berry juice and apple pie… I’m almost sure he would have ended up with a spread of apples, berry pie and ox juice!” Both men made a disgusted face before laughing. “Yeah… and there’s also that time where old Sard had to make this huge sword for a customer. I really wanted that blade... and it turned out that I ended up getting it, too!”

“You miss those farmlands, huh?” Turalyon asked before stuffing a date in his mouth.

The rugged man let out a sigh. “Yeah… I guess I do.” He finally admitted. “I’m really getting tired of wars and fighting. Once Swordwall’s back to normal, I’m thinking of having someone else take over. It’d be nice to go back there, build a home… and maybe even start a family…”

The battle-mage took a moment to think about it. “I don’t mind being the Mediarch, but if I had to give up the Order or Laurinya… I don’t think I’d make it alone.”

“I’ll quote you on that…” the blond woman groaned as she wiped her eyes, taking a moment to get up to a sitting position on her bed.

The man was definitely startled. “Lauri! You’re awake!”

“You two speak louder than a snoring dragon.” She said before reaching for the bowl of dates on her bed table. “And what’s that?”

“Um… dates?” Alban replied, not understanding the obvious question.

“That’s not good enough! Tura, get me something to eat! I can’t get all my powers back if all I can eat are dried figs!”

Though the two men looks quizzically at one another, they felt that the woman’s strength had somewhat returned as she chucked the dried fruit at them, forcing them out of the room. Putting the bowl away, she looked in the direction of her sister. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah…” Kaina said in a half-awake sigh.

“I bet you also heard everything they said, right?” the emerald-eyed woman asked.

“Yeah…” the shorthaired, brown-haired woman repeated her sigh, this time of relief.

A knowing smile spread to both the women’s faces. “I’m sure you’d look great in a wedding dress, sis.” Laurinya finally said.

Kaina snuggled back into bed, a dreamy sigh escaping her lips. “Mmm… yeah…”

Luna opened the windows to let air into her stuffy room. Taking a moment to look at the desert city, she began to wonder about the oncoming battle. A knock on the door, followed by Laelynn’s voice snapped her out of her reverie. “Mother, may I come in?” she asked.

“Yes, come in.” the semi-Planar replied, not moving from her position.

The steel-skinned woman walked in and politely closed the door, cleared her voice and spoke. "Mother... is all of what he said true?"

“The truth has been kept hidden for far too long.” The lupine-eared woman answered as she turned around, a melancholic expression on her visage. “But yes, all that Reveen said was true.”

Seeing her mother – one of her mothers – look so sad made the man-made Planar feel bad. "It’s strange... when I came to be, I saw you... and everyone with you... like my Fathers and Mothers... and they all are. But now... I just wonder what to do."

The golden-haired woman placed a hand on the shorter one’s shoulder. “What does your heart tell you?”

Laelynn closed her eyes and placed her hands to the gem on her chest. “I can feel Mother… she’s sad and in pain…” Opening her eyes, her expression shifted to a worried one. “I want to make her better.”

“Then you should come with us and help, my steel angel.” the woman replied, trying to sound comforting though ending with a sigh.

The word made the womanly construct pause. “What is an angel?”

Luna took a moment to look back outside, seeing nightly clouds in the distance. “An angel is a creature born to aid everyone in need and fights the darkness.” She explained before reminiscing on the past. “Josephine used to believe in them when she was just a child.”

Laelynn tilted her head, trying to piece everything together. “Is Mother an angel?”

The woman was not sure if the Aspect of the Forge was speaking of Karyana or not, but she answered as if she did. “I don’t know what she is anymore… I need to speak with Demyan. Can you bring him here?”

“Yes, Mother… and thank you.” She replied before walking out, leaving the door slightly open.

Moments passed before the Magelord walked into the room. “You wish to see me?” Demyan asked, almost certain of the answer before even asking the question. “It seems like everyone has much to think about right now.”

The woman turned around, resuming her gaze at the nightly sky. “Were you aware of Reveen when he took over?”

“I don’t remember everything he said, if that’s what you mean.” the man commented as he walked into the room. “Truth is, I didn't feel his presence until Vokram came close to ending my life. The moment you, Dawn, Asha and I cast 'Second Genesis' in unison... I thought I was going to die. Instead, something seemed to... open in my soul, as if there was a lock that was smashed open."

Luna’s ears drooped as she tilted her head down. “He is back… and I’m scared of talking to him.” She nervously added. “The last time I saw her, I had my blade in his chest.” The woman’s stance twitched as one of her hands, formerly clenched into a fist, reached for her temple. “Ever since his eyes appeared, Lupa has woken in my mind… my soul… it feels like I’m being torn apart… I don’t know what to do…”

Demyan figured something like this would happen – the same result had almost happened with Karyana. Had she not worn the tiara before, her entity would have relapsed back into its two ‘sisterly forms’. “Just listen to me. Imagine your souls like a beer tap with three different faucets. One of them is open, and that’s you. The others are Lupa and Josephine. I want you to slowly close one and open another at the same time.”

“It… it hurts, Demyan… but I… I…” the woman spoke as she began to turn around, her eye color shifting until both eyes were now fully lupine, a familiar growl escaping her lips. “I want out!”

The Magelord took a step back and closed his eyes. "I'm glad you are still alive." He replied, his irises having shifted from brown to a glowing blue.

“F-Father?” Lupa said as she took a step back, wings scratching the wall. “Please… don’t hurt me… I’m sorry for all I did…”

“I should be the one to apologize, my dear girl.” The Planar within the man replied. “You have every right to hate me. I tried to give the world a chance... and I wasn't there for you nor your sister when they needed me. Of all things, you made me understand."

“But…” the woman sniffled before breaking in tears. “I… I understand now! You showed us why you did what you… oh, father…”

“I’m glad… and I know everything will be alright…” The Aspect of Magic said as he placed his forehead against hers, both hands on the woman’s shoulders.

Looking into the woman’s mind, she quickly found Lupa and mentally took hold of her before taking a step back. As an ethereal form equal in size to the Planar-Beast began to form then solidify, Josephine’s lupine features vanished from her body, leaving the two women separate from one another. As the human woman dropped to her knees, all that remained of Luna was the woman’s wings.

Lupa looked at herself as the rest of her body rematerialized, air filling her lungs. “Father… I don’t understand… I killed you… why do this?”

“Second Genesis is a prayer for salvation, my child.” Reveen commented as he walked over to Josephine, picking her up and placing her on the nearby bed, making sure the wings were properly folded. “You both deserve a new chance, a new life… and soon, we will.”

Demyan dropped to one knee, his mask falling to the ground. “Urgh… I didn’t know being a Surrogate was such a… pain in the head…”

“Mummy!” Sarah’s voice came from the other side of the door as the young woman burst in, soon followed by a relieved-looking Genevieve. “You’re back!”

“My little puppy!” Lupa happily said as she held the girl in her arms. “Thank Father I can see you again…”

Sarah took a moment to look in Josephine’s direction. “Lupa, what’s wrong with Mummy?”

“She’s resting.” The Magelord briefly explained. “Sarah… I want you to take care of your mother while we did with the Waiting Ones.”

“It shall be done…” Genevieve politely answered. “I am glad you sent Laelynn sent to find us…”

The Citadelan ruler picked up his mask before looking at the red-haired woman. “Where is Laelynn? I never sent that order.”

“I thought she was with you.” Lupa remarked, having a sinking feeling about all this.

“I thought she-” the man replied before letting out a heavy sigh. "We need to find her… now!"

Melothios used all the chaos she could spare to break a dimensional hole in her chest, reaching in with one hand as the other held it open. “Panyus… you held me down for too long…” the woman groaned as Karyana’s resistance fell to naught the moment she pulled a soulstone from her body. “And as for you…”

The chaos-driven creature looked at the gem the same she would have had she pulled out her own heart. “You resisted me well… but this body is mine again! I don’t need a weak soul like yourself to weigh me down!” she shouted before tossing the gem as far as she could.

Watching the hole in her abdomen close, she looked at the mass of undead corpses hulking towards Saberbia. “Waiting Ones who sought the one who would lead you! Listen to my voice! This world was once yours… and new souls have taken what was rightfully yours! Take it all back! Reclaim your lives! Reclaim your world!”

A ghoulish acclaim roared from the swarm of unliving humans as Melothios fired a spell straight down into the mass. “I will be the voice of your ruler, of your God! And I demand sacrifices!”

Melothios’ sardonic laughter became maniacal as an immense corridor of wind formed around her, its mass turning into a tornado that consumed bodies and decayed flesh, turning the beings the infernal force ripped apart into mortar and pillars to create the base of a nightmarish construction. “My Spire will stretch to the stars and drown the world in death!”
Upon a Star, Rise of the Unknowns, chapter 57
I wanted to make sure some of the scenarios were tied together before getting ready for the big finale.

It's weird, though. Part of me sees Melothios as a victim of the past, while another sees her like 'Number 96' in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal: a creature born from darkness and twisted by power and chaos.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Solid Experience
Chapter 10
By Yurix

Tacey looked at the field worriedly. With only her “Chosen of Battle-Axe” and its 2600 attack standing against three monsters that were all more powerful than it, she knew things were bad. Both she and Yuki had empty hands, with the latter having not used either of her two facedown cards yet, and even with 6400 life points left, they were at a disadvantage.

On the other side of the duelling field, the Russian bear-wrestler named Bjorn possessed Endless Decay, who now sported 3200 attack. The lone female of the group, Ursa, had Ultimate Obedient Fiend, a 3500 attack behemoth. The scariest monster – Ascension Sky Dragon with 4000 attack – was held by the youngest of the three, Nanuk. The boy still had three cards, while his “parents” had one each. The problem now was that it was the boy’s turn to attack.

“Ascension Sky Dragon, attack Chosen of Battle Axe! Heavenly Punishment!” the boy let out in a far more confident voice than he previously had, as if he no longer cared for the stern gaze from his parents.

Tacey looked to her friend. “Got anything?” she said, worried of losing their only line of defense. The blinding attack crippled the towering berserker, knocking both girls down, dropping their life points to 5000.

“For duelists, you two are deplorable.” Bjorn let out as the two girls painfully got up.

“What are we gonna do?” Tacey groaned as she steadied herself on her shaking legs. “Those guys are too much.”

“Not quite… but there’s something weird about them.” Yuki replied as she got up. “All three of them duel by using cards that benefit one another, but they all use different approaches to break out life points.”

The yellow-haired girl knew that her friend had a point. The larger man’s XYZ monster, ‘Zodiac Beast Ursa Major’, hit the straight off the bat with an attack that would have been useless right now. Ursa’s manoeuvre of summoning Ultimate Obedient Fiend, a powerful monster that could only attack when there was nothing else on their side of the field, was just a cover for using “Hate Buster”, which had knocked “Necloth of Brionac” to the graveyard. The only one who was attacking them straight out was Nanuk, but only after Synchro Summoning a monster that would have been too weak had the other two not played multiple copies of ‘Jar of Greed’.

“In other words, we need to beat their family strategy… but we’re down to just your cards…” Tacey realized, thinking their chances were grim.

“I think we’ve been going at it the wrong way, too.” The Leo Duel School student realized. “I thought that Ursa or Bjorn were the ones to beat… but I think the real threat is Nanuk.”

Tacey looked back at the boy. “Are you sure? He looks… wait…” It took a moment for her to realize it, but the youngest duelist’s attitude had shifted. Rather than scared, he seemed… impatient. “A wolf in sheep’s clothing, huh…”

“Enough rambling from you two!” Ursa shouted. “We allowed you time to counter, and you didn’t, so Nanuk… continue your turn!”

The boy nodded before looking at the field. “With Ultimate Obedient Fiend and Ascension Sky Dragon, I build the Overlay Network! With these monsters, I Exceed Summon “Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max!”

The object that appeared was more of a war machine than a Duel Monster, with an immense canon pointed at the two girls. Its stats were not as great as the other two monsters used for it – 3000 attack and defense for a Rank 10 Earth/Machine – but the boy did not seem bothered by it. In fact, he seemed more thrilled than anything.

“I activate Gustav Max’s special ability!” Nanuk let out. “Once per turn, by detaching one Exceed Material, you two take 2000 damage!”

Yuki braced herself. “Wait for it…”

Tacey was not sure what her friend was thinking. Didn’t she have two facedown cards? The question never left her lips as the canon fired, blasting the two girls back onto the ground, their life points dropping to 3000.

“I place one card face-down and end my turn!” the boy commented before his stance relaxed, reverting to the frail-looking pose he had before.

“I knew it…” Yuki concluded. “Remember how they called you ‘Goldilocks’?”

“Yeah, and I hate that nickname…” Tacey groaned as she tried her best to get up.

“It’s like we’re facing the three bears of the family, only we don’t know which bear is the Baby Bear… and I think Nanuk just said it for us.” The older of the two girls replied. “Everything was organized for Nanuk to do the maximum amount of damage and to make him look like the least threatening one.”

“That means we need to keep him from firing that cannon…” the You Show duelist added.

“Exactly, and I know just how!” Yuki said as she drew her card. “I activate the trap ‘Hope for Escape’! Since our life points our lower than yours by at least a thousand, I pay 1000 Life points and draw as many cards as I can that’s the difference between our life points and yours for every 2000 Life Points you have more than us… so that makes three!”

Tacey hoped her friend had a plan, because with 2000 life points to their 8100, even with four cards in hand and another facedown on the field, another blast of that cannon would be their end.

“First, I activate ‘Necloth Exomirror’s special ability. ” Yuki commented. “By banishing it and Necloth of Brionac from my grave, I can add a ‘Necloth’ spell card from my deck to my hand… and next, I reveal my face-down card… ‘Mind Control’! Thanks to that, I can steal one monster on your side of the field, but I can’t tribute it and it can’t attack… not like I’ll need to, because I’m taking Gustav Max!”

Tacey let out a sigh of relief as the immense weapon vanished from Nanuk’s fiend and arrived on Yuki’s. “This means we can use its special ability. We’ll detach your Overlay Unit and blast you with 2000 damage! See how you like that!”

“Not if I activate ‘Damage Polarizer’! Thanks to this card, Gustav Max’s effect is negated and so is the damage, and we all draw one card!” Nanuk countered as the mobile canon stopped its charge, electricity causing its systems to smoke, as if a misfire.

Yuki looked at the rest of the family as they drew their cards before she and Tacey drew theirs. “It’s like they knew I was planning that…” the girl thought before looking at the immense weapon. It was a good thing it no longer had Exceed Material, and thanks to the cards in her hand, she had a chance to bring her A-game. “Now, I activate the spell card ‘Necloth Kaleidomirror! Thanks to this card, I can choose to send one monster from my hand or from my Extra deck to the graveyard equal to the level of a Ritual Monster I want to play, and bring those Ritual Monsters out from my hand!”

“Hold on… those?” Ursa wondered. “How can one ritual spell allow multiple ritual monsters to be summoned?”

“You’ll see… but not today. I send ‘Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier’ to the graveyard to Ritual Summon ‘Necloth of Trishula’!” Yuki let out as a red-haired warrior dressed in the dragon’s icy scales, wielding a blade made of a splintered icicle, appeared on the field, it’s stats equal to those of the tributed monster. “Next, I activate Necloth of Trishula’s special ability: whenever he’s successfully Ritual Summoned, I can banish one card from the field, from any hand and from the graveyard… so first, I remove ‘Gustav Max’!”

Tacey looked relieved as the oversized weapon vanished from the field completely as the frozen warrior’s sword caused the canon to freeze over before fading into powdered snow. “Next, I banish one card from Bjorn’s hand.” Yuki continued, the man’s card – ‘Mad Monk’ – froze over in his hand, forcing the man to drop it. “And for the graveyard, I banish the latest ‘Ultimate Obedient Fiend’. A gust of frozen air ejected the card from the graveyard slot. “Now, Necloth of Trishula, attack Endless Decay!”

The red-haired warrior charged at the rotting mummy, its attack power a paltry 1000, before slicing it in half, the split corpse freezing before shattering, the life points of the family dropping to 6400.

“Before I end my turn, I’ve got a few more things to do… like summoning ‘Defender of the Ice Barrier’ in attack mode!” The ice-and-armor covered fox had a mere level 3, 200/1600, but as a Tuner, Tacey doubted it would stay long. “Next, I place two cards face-down and end my turn.”

Tacey drew her card and looked at the field. The idea Yuki had in mind was clear: either tribute monsters to summon something bigger or synchro summon something that would do the job. Looking at the two cards in her hand, she could tell that neither of those options would be possible. “I summon ‘Friendly Familiar Bell’!” Tacey let out as a cat-sized creature with spotted white fur, butterfly wings and a single tiny horn appeared. The tiny beast was far from threatening – level 2, 400 attack and defense.

As soon as the monster appeared on the field, its horn began to glow alight. Moments later, ‘Friendly Familiar Chime’ broke out of the Solid Vision ground, shaking the dirt off its fur and wings.

“Huh?” Yuki looked startled. “Why did he come back?”

Tacey looked at the card. “That’s the Friendly Familiars’ special abilities: whenever one of them is summoned, it can special summon another one from anywhere…” she said before realizing the potential of the small archetype. “Hey… I got an idea! Since I just brought Chime back, I can special summon ‘Friendly Familiar Whistle’ from my hand!”

The third creature that appeared was the smallest of the three, no bigger than a kitten, with angel wings and sleepy eyes. Its stats, save for its level, were lower than the other two – level 3, with 200 attack and defense. As it appeared, the tiny creature meowed and scratched its wings with its paw, a card falling out.

“What is that rodent doing?” Bjorn wondered.

“Whistle’s special ability: once its special summoned, if ‘Bell’ and ‘Chime’ are on the field, I can add one Spell card from my deck to my hand… and it looks like Whistle decided for me.” Tacey said as the card flew from the duel field to her hand.

Looking at the card, Tacey was startled. “Huh? Where did that card come from?” she wondered before reading it over. “Okay… here goes. Since you did say we could share our field, Yuki and I, I play the spell ‘Galaxy Queen’s Light’ to increase the level of my creatures up to that of her Necloth!”

Yuki looked confused. “Since when do you play that card?”

“Let’s finish this duel and check this out later, ok?” Tacey countered. “Next, I build the Overlay Network!”

The problem now was that the yellow-haired girl, as much as it meant well, did not have a clue what monster would come out of that Exceed Summon, as she normally did not possess a Rank 9 creature, let alone one that required three monsters to bring out. “I Exceed Summon…”

As the Overlay Network appeared on the field, a single column of energy surged out. The blinding light was enough to force everyone to look away as a shadow appeared amidst the light, forming a strange spheric form of energy, from which came a pulsing sound, like a heartbeat. As the column of energy vanished, the sphere began to fragment itself, turning into an incredibly tall, womanly form with six immense wings – one pair demonic, one pair angelic and one pair fairy-like. The creature in itself was covered in golden armor, similar to her ‘Ascent Hero’ card, but it also possessed three tiny gems on its forehead.

A melodic voice rung in Tacey’s ears. “Say my name…” it briefly spoke before the card appeared on her duel disk.

“Ascent Being Tierra!” the duelist finally shouted as the light began to fade, the creature appearing in its imposing glory.

All five of the duelists looked in awe at the immense creature, which looked as tall as ‘Shadoll Construct’, but its dark colors switched to golden and azure tones. The creature in itself was an unusual sight – while beautiful and very-high Ranked, it seemed to possess no attack or defense power of its own.

“Quite the display, but she is useless without any power!” Bjorn let out, thinking that the creature was all show and no go.

Tacey looked at the card for anything related to a special ability, but the text was almost impossible for read, as if the text was a tongue that was not from this world. “I hope you have something good for me… I activate Tierra’s special ability!”

The creature reacted on its own, as three of its Exceed Materials flew into it before spray of energy struck all three of the ‘bear family’’s decks, pulling three cards from their graves.

Tacey was beginning to feel light-headed as she watched ‘Coach Captain Bearman’, ‘Armored White Bear’ and ‘Zodiac Beast Ursa Major’ appear in spirit form around the creature before vanishing into spheres of light, Tierra’s attack power sky-rocketing up to 7600.

“How… 7600 attack points?” Ursa let out, too shocked to do anything else.

“Tierra, attack now! Dimensional Genesis!” the You Show duelist let out before she felt the world around her spin as she dropped to her knees as her creature fired the three orbs into each one of the duelists, blowing them off their feet as their life points crashed down to 0.

“No… way!” Yuki let out, too startled by the sudden upset. When her eyes finally was focused back onto the field, only Tierra remained on the field, along with two Exceed Materials. “Tacey… how did you-”

Looking back at her friend, the girl let out a gasp of shock as the yellow-haired girl was immobile. “Tacey? Hey, Tacey! Wake up!” she said before rushing over to her friend, checking for a pulse. “Tacey! Oh god, Tacey!”

System initializing Replica Mode…
Error: Cannot run C:\sophia\sefiroth.exe
Attempting to run the program from unidentified source.
Run C:\tierra\qliphoth.exe ? <Y/N>…[Y]
System initializing Automated Mode.

Miss K examined her cards. “Tierra woke up… but it’s too soon…” she thought to herself as many of her cards began to bleed part of their yellow-ish colors as a light green appeared below, soon to become vibrant green.

“Miss K!” the school director let out as he rushed into the room. “Check the news, now!”

The woman let out a sigh as she opened the television.

“…As you can see, the Maiami City Zoo are baffled by the sudden appearance of three bears in the city park. The direction says that no bears were scheduled to be shipped to the zoo in the near future, and whoever dressed these animals in such a way should be found and put to-”

The black-haired woman picked up her cards and placed them back in her disk. “I don’t see why you make such a fuss…” she commented before noticing something on the screen that the camera had not focused on: two officers helping a pale-haired young woman to her feet before boarding an ambulance with a LDS student watching nearby. “Tacey…”

“That’s what I’m fussing about!” the man said before shutting the television off. “You really need to take better care of her. I don’t have time to babysit, especially with the Duel Pro Championship coming. Either you fix this, or you may have to resign… and Tacey will have to leave the Academy!”
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Solid Experience, ch10
The duel between Yuki, Tacey and the three 'Bears' comes to an abrupt - and unexpected - close as a new creature appears, leading to impossible consequences for Tacey and her guardian.
Sarah, for XxsargentwardxX by mistylear
Sarah, for XxsargentwardxX
“…my dear daughter Sarah had such an unhappy childhood, after being banished from Gon’an by the planar council Cunon took Sarah still wrapped in her blue silk baby blanket to a secluded forest village on the mainland named Pineham famous only for its supply of timber to the Citadel and Gonese fleets.

There he established himself as a lumberjack and hunter for the village but was stuck down by a gang of bandits which roamed the forest at that time who called themselves the Silverhand as they used to hunt werewolves only. I felt his passing through Lupa and I can feel it to this day, I believe Amber Mai informed of his souls passing and her sorrow bled out into my mind… but I digress. Sarah was looked after well by the village folk until she was 12 and old enough to fend for herself in the cottage Cunon had built for them both to live in and in the four years that followed that was her life, alone, scared, scrounging what she could of the land to survive. Despite her bleak circumstances my daughter actually managed to survive.

Our first encounter was not through a heart throbbing meeting but as all my encounters tend to occur, through one of Lupa’s many extensive hunts. It was just about breaking into dawn when she finally decided to return to the cave she sought refuge in to allow the transformation to take place safely. There as was the custom she released command over our body and allowed my human form to re-emerge from the muscular lupine form, however unlike so many nights before as I regained control I spotted a set of lupine eyes off in the bush just outside the cave, they were crimson red and looked extremely hungry but with Lupa fast asleep in my mind there was little options for me to take but the most logical one so I grabbed my bow and held it close to my side waiting for the wolf to make its move which it did, it slowly stepped from the bushes sniffing the air as I looked on curiously as to why this wolf seemed bolder than so many others.

My answer came when I laid eyes on this much smaller wolf, possibly a teenager, with the same red markings as lupa had with the same silver fur topped with white long hair the same as lupa’s. This surprise and shock to my system was enough to awaken the beast within my mind who immediately tried to break free at the sighting of this wolf, the same age as our daughter, but with enough mental restraint I held her back but the struggle scared away this mystery wolf little did I know that was the long lost princess of Gon’an.”

-- Josephine, High Queen of Gon'an
Like in my last post, I do sometimes have dreams or visions that I remember. Most seem to be oriented towards my story... but this one... I wonder what to think of it.

It started in a field of bones, on a night with no moon or stars. I saw Karyana walk on crystal-white sand towards a single cross, where a man's dying body was. The man in question had been stripped of everything... except a mask. When Kary figured who it was, he told her that he had waited forever, holding the line until her return... but that everything was lost.

I saw a moment of battle, where thousands desperately struggled to hold back millions. I saw Laelynn return a bloodied gemstone to Demyan... a white castle's room filled with smears of blood... and a pair of skeletal wings.

It would have been nothing but a nightmare had it not been for two more scenes:
- A helix of crystal sand surrounding either Karyana, or a sword that rose from the sands;
- A modern-day Kary telling a person (it looked like a shrink's office): "I'm going home..."
- Karyana being asked what world, out of Medierth or the modern-day world, she truly wanted... and her answer: a smile.
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